May 14, 2018

Quantifying the Oceans with AI — Bryton Shang

Bryton Shang has led several venture-backed startups. He built deep learning algorithms to diagnose cancer as CTO of HistoWiz, a biotechnology company.

Currently, Bryton is a Founder & CEO of Aquabyte, one of the few companies applying machine learning/computer vision to directly solve the world’s food sustainability issues.

He also co-founded iQ License (a brand licensing platform) and Nikao Investments (an algorithmic trading firm).



  • Applications of machine learning in aquaculture.
  • Bryton’s background in finance and algorithmic trading.
  • Bryton’s history with other startups prior to Aquabyte.
  • Applications of algorithmic trading in different tech fields.
  • The democratization of machine learning in the modern age.
  • Margins of error in machine learning, their consequences, and ramifications.
  • The ‘first principle’ approach to AI enterprise.
  • The diverse expertise behind deep learning at Aquabyte.
  • Deep learning education resources.
  • How to apply machine learning skills in business.


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