May 7, 2018

Intelligent Video Search Engine: Finding images in videos using 22 models — Emrah Gutelkin

Emrah Gultekin is a Turkish-American entrepreneur. Since 2015, Emrah has been co-founder and CEO of Chooch Intelligence Technologies Co., a Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence startup. He also writes a sci-fi short fiction series called Another Realm.

Chooch is an AI-based search and discovery platform that helps publishers monetize their content. The Chooch API recognizes objects and concepts in videos and images from pre-trained models.



  • Chooch company mission and history.
  • Chooch’s unique products for different industries and experience levels.
  • Predictions for visual search and recognition technology.
  • Suggestions on how to get into AI training.
  • The current state of enterprise AI and neural networks in business.
  • The slow progress of usable and scalable AI products.
  • The need for diverse expertise in training perceptions.

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