April 30, 2018

Preventing Disease On Global Scale With Machine Learning — Dr. Rodney Sappington

Dr. Rodney Sappington is an entrepreneur, clinical data scientist and researcher based in San Francisco, California. He is focused on building world-class machine learning products, improving clinical outcomes and growing companies at scale. He is a very well known speaker both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Sappington is the Founder and CEO of Acesio Inc., a company that is committed to building a better future with applied machine learning technology. Their products and solutions include early diagnosis, clinical trials, disease-prediction and digital health.



  • Dr. Sappington’s background, including his professional and academic paths, as well as his attraction to machine learning as a method to deal with “harm.”
  • Positive and negative outcomes of machine learning.
  • How to differentiate useful information from hype in the machine learning space.
  • The current state of machine learning in medical technology.
  • Acesio’s goals, methods and processes.
  • The cross-disciplinary nature of data science.
  • How to begin your journey into the field of machine learning (no matter what your background is).

Links and Resources:

Dr. Sappington on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rodney-sappington-ph-d-97ab235/

Acesio: https://www.acesio.org/

First Level (sponsor): https://firstlevel.io/

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